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Australian School of Global Studies (ASGS) is an extended arm of ECA Group (Education Centre of Australia), that extends its helping hand for a smarter and unique educational journey. Embark on your educational journey with Home Country, seamlessly transitioning to an International University that aligns with your goals, all while being cost-effective and time efficient.

Our Mission is to provide low cost, high quality opportunities for students to gain an international qualification by delivering cutting edge courses that offer seamless access to the world’s leading universities.
Our Vision is to be the first choice for all Indian and other South Asian students wanting an international education; renowned for our high ranked overseas university partners, the quality of our students and the value of the education that we provide.
Our Values are the fundamental beliefs that drive our every day work:

Aspiration – we support and develop the aspirations of young minds, opening them up to the world of opportunities that international education provides.

Quality – we embed high quality in everything we do, in relation to: faculty;curriculum;learning environment, whether online or in our study centresstudents;partner universities overseas.

Prudency – we pride ourselves on the low-cost high-value of the services we provide, ensuring students get the best value for money while not compromising on quality.

Integrity – we work on the basis of fair and transparent polices and assessments that ensure the integrity of all learning and student outcomes.

Connected – we focus our efforts on connecting with the leading academics, businesses and university partners, building our community to ensure our students and alumni have the best opportunities available to them.




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Message From CEO & Founder ECA- Rupesh Singh

Embarking on your educational journey in a new country may seem like a thrilling yet challenging leap into the unknown. Believe me, I've been there – a bold international student voyaging from the vibrant landscapes of India to the captivating shores of Australia, a couple of decades ago.
Drawing inspiration from my own transformative journey, I founded ECA with an unwavering commitment to placing YOU, the student, at the heart of our mission. Our goal? To not only provide access to the finest education but to curate an all-encompassing experience that goes beyond the classroom.
ECA isn't just an organization; it's a manifestation of my personal odyssey as an international student. Today, it stands tall as a beacon of opportunity for tens of thousands of dreamers worldwide, helping them turn their international education aspirations into reality.
Enter ASGS, our latest venture. Picture this: an affordable gateway to the world's top universities, crafted with precision by merging ECA's two decades of global education expertise with a world leading curriculum and the pinnacle of learning environments, OpenLearning.
This is not just a venture; it's a revolution. ASGS paves the way for students to access world-class education without breaking the bank, blending experience, innovation, and a leading learning platform to redefine the pursuit of knowledge. Get ready to redefine your academic journey – the world is your campus, and success knows no borders!

University Partners for Next Intake

QS Ranking : 421
THE Ranking : 351 - 400
CRICOS Code : 00212K
QS Ranking : NA
THE Ranking : NA
CRICOS Code : 03048D
QS Ranking : 307
THE Ranking : 251 - 300
CRICOS Code : 00586B
QS Ranking : 801 - 850
THE Ranking : 801 - 1000
CRICOS Code : 00005F

*All the rankings are for Year 2024

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